What to Expect

In order to provide you with advice, you will be required to disclose your personal and financial details. This can be conducted on-line or manually by calling our office to discuss with one of our advisers.

We will then discuss with you to ascertain if written advice is warranted. Written advice requires the payment of a fee, and this fee will be agreed with you before any advice work takes place. You will not be charged a fee for completing our questionnaire and remitting it to our office

Once you’ve made a start with the questionnaire, the financial advice process can be further described in the following six step process :

  1. Consult – an initial meeting to determine how we can help you
  2. Gather information – provide us with your financial position, and your future goals and objectives
  3. Analyse – identifying options and strategies to meet your objectives
  4. Plan – presenting recommendations to you
  5. Implement – taking the steps to effect the plan
  6. Review – ensuring you’re on track to achieve what you desire

Our initial consultation meeting is free, and is at no obligation to you. It is only after you are satisfied with this stage, that we would proceed to your agreement for us to provide written advice to you by means of signing an engagement letter.

Your privacy is assured and a privacy statement is available from 72 Financial upon request.