About Us

72 Financial since its beginning has operated as a client focused, fee-for-service, boutique financial advisory practice.

This means that the firm receives its income from clients directly for any financial advice provided, and only for the areas the client wants covered. 72 Financial receives no incentives or undisclosed payments from other organisations for any advice given. Where we receive a commission for any product provided to you (for example, insurances) we will completely disclose in advance to you what the commission will be.

72 Financial is wholly owned by the directors (see the Meet The Team page at right), and has its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 286912). We will provide advice to YOU and will act completely in YOUR best interests, as any recommendations we make to you are not limited by a bank or other institution having any ownership of 72 Financial or its financial services license. When you deal with 72 Financial, you interact with the owners directly – it’s therefore in our interests to serve you to the best of our ability.

Give us a call or email for a free, no obligation chat about what we can do for you – you’ll be speaking directly with the people you’ll be dealing with.

We believe we have a number of distinctive attributes, which is why you should choose us. You can read about these attributes by clicking on the 72 Financial Attributes heading on this page.

Our regular newsletter, Financially Speaking can be viewed here.