• Safe hands: financial assistance you require for your life, loss of income and illness

  • Savings: through the ages & stages of your life, we help you build wealth with care


  • Relax: you’ve earned it

  • Rest assured: all arrangements have been made

  • Help with money: financial strategy & advice

At 72 Financial, we help you secure your financial future. From investing, structuring, insurances, accounting and tax, through to superannuation, retiring, and estate planning, we can help get it right for you.

Obtaining Advice

Financial advice involves strategic ideas about creating, preserving, and passing on wealth in the way you want. You, as the client, determine the scope of the advice you wish to receive.

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What to Expect

In order to provide you with advice, you will be required to disclose your personal and financial details. This can be conducted on-line or manually by calling our office to discuss with one of our advisers.

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What we do

Our objective in providing advice is to help you meet your objectives. If you choose to take up advice, the financial planning process can cover a number of areas that we will ascertain with you.

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The rule of 72

Divide 72 by a given return to solve for the number of years required to double the capital base.

Example: 72 divided by 10 equals 7.2 This means that the capital sum earning a compound annual return of 10% will double in 7.2 years.